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Back Ground Application

Dears, welcome back to another tech update.here I introduce a special shaped application for you.. it is “GRADIENT WALLPAPER MAKER & GRADING BACKGROUND”. It is designed to bring out ultimate pleasure for you..it lets you to create your own gradient wallpapers or you can choose your own one from variety of wallpapers.

Every one has their owninterests to make their wallpapers perfectly and attractively.some of us like to keep their interested things in wallpapers such as natural beauty and applying an actor, actress Or their own photos.if you love any celebrities or any thing you may apply it in wallpaper….
So, this Gradient wallpapers app provides you to create your own wallpapers by your ideas and maintain them professionaly..

Features and specifications

  • The main purpose of Gradient wallpapers is you can to create wallpapers by taking your interesting and favourite colours…by doing this your wallpaper will be attractive and unique for your phone
  • Our application supports All smarrhones:
    This Application supports in every smartphones. You can use, make it easy in your smartphone.
    The result of making your wallpaper will be unique by HD clarity and High resolution..

Large collection of Gradient wallpapers
We have designed and manufactured a plenty of Gradient wallpapers in our application.so, you can select or choose your interested ones form it then you can apply it as suitable for your phone.also you can set a wallpaper from our collection then you to make very Simply by just setting Two or three steps to see your amazing wallpaper

It provides you also A way of free Lance….there is no need any more money for creating your wallpaper.and it works in offline mode also…it may helps you to utlize and entertain your borring times by creating Gradient wallpapers…..
Also , this application lets you to save your wallpaper.that is why you can create more wallpapers and select one out of these by your own choice….this is the incredible advantage of the Application!!!

Dears, you can to send your created Gradient wallpapers to to your friends by tapping the share button in Application…
These all features will make you to accompany with application.and you will be addicted to this one.beacuse this Gradient application provides uniqness for creating wallpaper…
We hope your valuable reply and feedback after using the prominent “Gradient wallpaper maker& Gradient background ” application.


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