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How to automatic scroll on android

Hello guys,today we are going to introduce a different type of application for you. This is really an amazing application that you ever seen. The awesome features of this application is really useful one for all smartphone users. The name of the app is “automatic scroll“.This application provide you automatic scroll on your android.
While you read news or other articles in your smartphone,you must want to scroll when one page is completed. Sometimes it will be a difficult task.

automatic scroll

If you want to copy the text from a site,you must want to scroll the page frequently. Due to that you may lose your concentration in the writing and it will affect the quality of your note. But don’t worry.This app will help you to solve all these problems. It is just a matter of time.For solving all these problems. You just want to install this application in your smartphone. This is a small size app.So majority of the smartphone users can able to install this app very easily.


Automatic scroll on mobile is a very useful feature. Automatic scrolling of pages or some application will really help you to simplify the usage of such applications. If you do a data entry work in ten min,you can able to do it in five minutes itself with the help of automatic scrolling feature of this application.

If you install this app,you can able to avoid the frequent scrolling. You may see many such applications in play store or in some websites.But this app is not like that. This app doesn’t have any complications while using.

Main Features Automatic scrolling

  • Automatic scrolling
  • Auto Scrolling Up and Down
  • Auto Scrolling Right and Left
  • Jumping to top or bottom
  • Scroll vertically and horizontally.
  • Select a scroll able area (when there is more than one on the screen).
  • Widget
  • Paging
  • Activation by shake
  • Per-App settings

Download automatic scroll app

First of all install automatic scroll app using the given link.After that open the app and provide necessary permissions. After that you can able to see a floating icon on your screen having so many options.
Automatic scroll on mobile is really a great feature and it will also act like an assistant while doing so many works on mobile phone. You can also using this feature of this application while reading stories and sppeches in your smartphone.

Select the “forward” option to scroll the page to upper side and “backward” option to scroll to downside. You can also able to hide the floating icon by selecting “minimize” icon. These are the most important features of this app. Anyway this is one of the best app which provide you these type of features.