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Around sound Audio Recorder

Around sound Audio Recorder Hi guys, today iam going to introduce an entirely different and most surprising app for you. The name of the app is ” aroundsound ” . You may understand the important feature of this appo hike you see the name. You are tight. Actually this is a sound recording app. Fo you think that why did you want to use this app ? What is the importance of this app other than the default sound recording app ?

But it’s not like that. This app provide many awesome features for you.
This app will provide a link to share the recording to whom you choose. If anyone share any recordings like this to you, it will saved in your incoming sound collection.

You can also able to create a collection by including many recordings from this app and you can also able to invite your friends or anyone to hear and enjoy your collection.

Around sound Audio Recorder.RECORD AROUND AUDIO SOUND


Iam definitely sure that you may not see such an app before. You may think that the only option for sound recording app is just record the voice. But now it’s not like that.
Whenever you add a new recording to this app your friends will be notified and they can able to hear it. This is really a nice feature.
All your sounds are securely back up to google cloud storage.
So you can able to access it from anywhere on anytime using any device.
If you want to use more attractive features of this app you want to subscribe to Aroundsound premium. But the normal version is also suitable for a better experience.

The surround sound recording is simply outstanding !! It works only in phones with two microphones both sides. I placed my phone in a table and walked around the phone by moving near and away from the phone talking. That recording when listened with earphone

So now onwards don’t forget that the sound recording app like” around sound ” is not only for recording, but also there are many other awesome and useful features.
If you want to experience all the above mentioned features of this app, install it now using the below link.