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Android application screeny screen shot manager

Here to you a vivd one that is A screenshot manager for organising and search your screen shot easily to avoid long losing things of you to find screen shot and other that will be a vary thing to you in addition to avoid long lasting thing for you.. everything will be for you to establish this one as a potential one of your phone

To find out screenshots fastly

The text in all your screen shots will be indexed automatically and ready for search,so you can just type keywords in the search bar and find the screenshots you want very quickly to share this one as much as possible for you to elongate this one as per the Idea and requirement for you..

features and specifications

The main highlight is you can find screen shots easily… you can simply access to the screenshot with their tags..by going into the tage page automatically to help this one.. social and financial tages is added automatically based on the text in your screen shot.. you can also add new tags and manage them also to find out as best option for you

We don’t store or use any screenshots or any other contents on your phone for any purpose..we are only saving and proesssing all your data locally to find this ones as per the ideas and facilities for you… You can simply take actions and extract features that is so near to you to esstblish the factors near to you there is no more changes and options for you to develop this ideas for you

Whenever you are ready to convey your things so much better thing ever green resolution for you in adding highly recommend one for you that is essential and readynes for you to manage this items as per your dedication and surrounding for getting this one as per the ideas and requirement of you.

That is why please download and install the app in your device t become so outgoing experience with screen shot master that enables everyone to manage as per the requirement ways and dedication for you that is near to you…. everything will be fine and effective whether you are correct and immense ideas for your life and support… so please with us to gain extra rewards and experience for you


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