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Android application Live transcribe and notification

Here for you a simple real time transcriptions applications of your conversations and sound event notifications that is so vivd and effective for everyone who need to convey the system settings and related so pleasurable condition for you in order to make a sensible and responsible way to turn the best regards and thanks for you

What for live transcribe Android application

Here for you a detailed proposal for you to maintain the best ever regards and so many things for you that is so near to you the unexpected thing so please be aware and beautiful condition for you.. live transcribe an sound notification makes every day conversations and surrounding sounds more accessible among people who are deaf and hard of hearing.. you simply

Features and specifications

On most devices,you can directly access live transcribe and sound notification with these steps to ensure the security and privacy for long term relationship and presence for you in many things not to being self independent and more adoptable One for you to stand it as per the ideas and opportunities for growth and development of the New system condition for you

By using This one you will be able to open your device’s setting app and Also to tap accessebity,then tap live transcribe or sound notifications, depending on which app you had to Start for on going celebrities and related things for much awaited specifications for everyone who need to convey the message for you…you can simply grab the accessibility button,gesture or quick setting to start live transcribe or sound and use the title amount of to you

Currently you can make such a beautiful atomsphere for everyone who want to announce this one As much as possible for you you will get absolutely thrilling constitutional publishing confidential one and also a set of advanced features a distinguished from the worthy man all will be under your supervision and guidance for that on going set up and dedicate mentality for everyone who needs to connect with you…

So please click here and use that a distinguished from the best regards and thanks for you..all the services and amicable experience Will be Apt for you in definition with other services and amicable experience of you…so please download and install the application for you that will optionally will be more settings one in order to make a financial atmosphere in your way of life


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