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All language translating application

Hi guys,today i am here for introducing a different application that will help all type of smartphone users.The name name of this application is ‘SCREEN TRANSLATE’.I think that you will understand the functions and features of this application when you see the name of this application.
We use many translator translator application for translate any language into another language.For example,If we want to translate English into any another language,first of all we want to type the sentence in English completely or copy it from anywhere and past it in the translator application.You will get many applications like this from play store and from some websites.But all of such applications have this feature itself.I think that it is a difficult thing to do like that.
So this application will help you to solve this problem.By using this application,you can able to translate any language to any language in an easier method.That’s why I said that this application is really a helpful one that will help you to make your translation more easier and comfortable.
Now I will describe,how to use this application in your smartphone.After install this application,open it. After that switch on a button like a power button by graving necessary permissions.After that select the translation application from this application.They are google translator,google app (offline),my default translate,Microsoft (Bing),yandex translate and Baidu translate.After selecting any translator among this touch on a icon that appeared on your screen at that time and hold it and drag it to the area that you want to translate.After that the translation will be appeared on your screen.

So if you want to translate any language into another language in a simple way,i recommend you to install this application.


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