Hi friends,today i would like to introduce a special call recorder application.Firstly,i introduce the application.The name of the application is ‘CUBE CALL RECORDER’.This application is not like the other common call recorder applications.This application provide you an entirely different type of call recording system.

In other call recording applications,we can only able to record the common calls.But through this application you can able to record all types of calls like common calls,whatsapp call,facebook,IMO,telegram e.t.c.

In short you can use this application for any messaging or the applications that have calling facility.This application provide you a extreme clear call recording.This is the one and only application that provide you a facility like this.This application have somany attractive features.The first among them is the ‘AUTAMATIC RECORDING OF ALL CALLS’.If you enable this feature all the calls that you receive and your outgoing call will automatically recorded in this application.

The second feature is ‘AUTAMATIC RECORDING OF SELECTED CONTACTS’.Using this feature you can able to record the calls that you choose.The other one is ‘exclusion list’.Using this feature you can avoid the recording of those you didn’t want to record the calls. You can able to save your call recordings in Google DRIVE if something is went wrong with this application.And also you can able to set a pin lock for this application.So anyone other than you can’t able to open this application without your permission.So anyway this application will provide you a complete secure to your call recordings.

This application record your calls in mp4 format with high quality.You can also move the recordings to your SD card.
The other two important features of this application are ‘SHAKE-TO-MARK’ and ‘SMART STORAGE MANAGEMENT’.With the first feature among this you can able to mark the important parts of your calls by just a shake.The second feature will provide you the automatic deleting of overtime calls and unimportant calls.

So anyway,this application have somany attractive features like these features.So i recommend you to install this application if you would like to record all types of calls securely.

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