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Alarm on Wrong Pattern & Capture Selfie

Hello all, hope you are good. Today iam going to introduce a very useful app fir all smartphone users. Iam definitely sure that it is really an important app and you must want to use it for make your smartphone secure and keep safe. Cag you guess what type of app is this?
The name of the app is ” alarm on wrong pattern and capture selfie. I think you may understand the basic feature of this app while you see the name of the app.

Alarm on Wrong Pattern

You are right. This app will help you to keep your smartphone safe and secure from intruders and thieves who try to unlock and steal your smartphone.
If you put your smartphone somewhere in your house or in some other places, there is chance to steal your smartphone by theives or by someone else. And also someone try to unlock your smartphone to steal some important datas from your smartphone.
Now you think that what will they do if they didn’t know your smartphone’s pasword or pin number.

But if they find it incase, you will lost all your datas or it may be copy by intruders. Don’t worry. You can able to prevent this by just install this app in your smartphone. This app will prevent intruders and thieves from open your smartphone and steal it.

If you use this app you can able to prevent all such activities. That means if anyone try to unlock your smartphone by entering wrong password or pin number continuously, your smartphone will ring alarm, blink your smartphone’s flashlight and also vibrate it.

And also this app will capture the selfie of the intruder and it will send to your mail. So you can find the intruder very easily. You can also able to find the presence of the intruder when your smartphone ring alarm or do other above mentioned things. In the absence of you the people near your smartphone can able to understand that there is something wrong and they can able to prevent the intruder from access and steal your smartphone.
Iam definitely sure that this is really an useful app each and every smartphone users. So try this app and leave your comment after the use this app.

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