Hello friends, once again welcome back to another tech update…. here,NOW I Introduce you a comprehensive and vary application that is Access Dots BigH_Camera ,GPS , Microphone access…it is entirely designed for display camera, GPS or microphone dots colour usage by any application..

This application is entirely different from others…it provides you a lot of features, benefits, advantages and advanced specifications to become more comfortable and affordable….once you grant access to your phone’s camera,GPS or microphone to any application….. they can use it silently in the background…

Features and benefits

  • It provides you to show dot colour when you exist any app use camera….it is absolutely fine for you by utlizing the application….. there is no more worry about this application
  • It shows dot colour when exist any app recording….it is much awaiting feature of this application…..it will change what are the qualities of your application….
  • Also it provides you to show dot colour when exist any app use gps location……
  • Easy set size , colour for dot icon..
  • Also it provides you an opportunity to option any requirement as you wish in this application..
    This application reminds you about the value of camera and Gps location system….it may concern what are necessary to be come more comfortable and affordable for the users…. there is no longer worry about this application….it wil change your mind set….

The concerned authorities provides this application in a latest model and advanced level
There is no more ads In this application…and you can enjoy it very well
Also it is auto clear cache…
Also it provides a better experience and advanced performance for its users….

These are the features of above mentioned application…..we are sure that you will enjoy it very much….and we hope your valuable feedback, comments and replays after installing the application……
See you soon with next tech update….


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