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rummy game online play

rummy game online play.Today we are introducing about an interesting game which gathers you both earn and fun. Any agers can play this within same spirit and joy. Here it is through 6ixxerrummy game. This game is really competitive and intellectual for everyone. Don’t be tensed even though you are a first player later through sustain experience you can understand the track of game. The rummy game is a online game of cards. 6ixxer rummy game developer claims that the game has become the first choice of millions of rummy players across the country. Therefore there will be certain things that we shall know before we begin to play.

6ixxer rummy game online

ABOUT 6ixxer rummy game

6ixxer rummy game is launched in December 2019 , hence it is fastest growing online gaming and sports App introduced from the house of LA SIXXER NETWORKS PRIVATE LIMITED in just a short time. Rummy has evolved as India’s fastest growing-cash rummy platform. By offering best in class gaming experience with complete digital safety.
Now you are all curious to know how to play rummy game online the rummy game isn’t it…? Here the rules.

Rules rummy game online

Like all other games we thinks that this will be also a game of luck but it is really wrong for this game. It is the game of skills , which need sharp focus , analytical skills and in other hand the ability to make quick , wise decisions.
First of all you need to arrange the cards either in a set or in a sequence. There are some basic instructions about Rummy Game.

INSTRUCTIONS 6ixxer rummy

The Rummy Game contains 13 cards which can play between 2 to 6 players. For two players one deck of 52 cards and for more than Two players . two deck of 52 cards are used. The 52 card means four suits with 13 cards each.
A deck of card contains of four suits those are SPADES, CLUBS ,HEARTS and DIAMONDS. Cards of each suit rank from low to high such as Ace 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 J Q K. Ace is used as no.1
and the others assigned with it AJKQ consist ten points and rest of card consist points based on their face value.

Sequence , where three or more consecutive cards belong to the same suit. There also have wild joker and printed joker. The use of wild joker is to create a set or sequence like that by printed joker you can made a pure sequence. Other than this all matter the point to be note is the player needs to arrange the cards in a set and sequence. The set should only consist four card . More than four is not valid. Like that the card like joker is add other than four card it is also invalid. Apart from this joker is the powerful card to achieve your goal. At last the cards are dealt in clockwise direction. However you can finish the game .

Rummy game bonus

Through Rummy game you can gain lots of bonus , offers which earn by simply . Only one thing to do for it .It is to be register an account on it . The main thing to be aware that one player only able to have one account. If there have more than one account it will be cancelled.
So don’t waste time download the game and feel the victory by gaining the welcome bonus and winning real cash .