how to UNLOCK MOBILE PHONE .Today,the people uses different types of smartphones in their daily life.We ensure complete security to our smartphone when we use it.Enabling locks like pattern,pin,password,face lock and fingerprint will ensure security to the all the things in our smartphone.So majority people enable any one lock among this one for enable security to their smartphone.

But in some cases,we can’t able to UNLOCK MOBILE PHONE our smartphone.It may be due to many problems like providing incorrect lock for so many times,enable lock by children unconsciously,can’t able to enter the password due to the broken screen,forgot the password after setting it many days ago,got a second hand ios device with locked screen.These are some situations that we faced in our life while using a smartphone.If we faced such a problem in our life like forgotten password,we may gave our smartphone to a mobile technician to unlock it with the help of some software’s or with anything like that.It may be a costly thing also.

But this software will help you to unlock any android or ios smartphone with the help of this software and this software is work for iOS, Samsung,huawei, LG e.t.c.
Now I think that you understand that you can able to unlock your smartphone with the help of this software.The name of this software is ‘WONDER SHARE DR.FONE’
So now I would like to describe the method to unlock a smartphone with the help of a computer or laptop.
First of all visit the website and download the software that suitable for Windows 10/8/7/vista/XP.So firstly i will describe how to unlock a android smartphone with the help of this software.
For that open this software in your computer or laptop and connect your ios to the computer with the help of a charger cable.Then click on start.and hold power button and home button at a moment.After that keep holding home button and release power button.
After that confirm your i phone’s model and other information’s and click on the download button to download the data and to verify and click on the option ‘UNLOCK NOW’.Then type 000000 and Click on ‘UNLOCK’.It is sure that all the datas in the ios will be erased.If you completed these steps,the unlocking process of your ios will be started and it will be completed within 10 minutes maximum.
After completing all these steps you will get your ios as unlocked one. I am sure that this is simple steps and everyone can able to do it.
Now I will describe how to unlock an Android smartphone with the help of this software.
First of all connect your Android smartphone to the PC with the help of a charger cable.After that click on the ‘START’button.After that select device’s brand,name and model and click on the ‘NEXT’ button.Then confirm the device’s details and type the word ‘confirm’ and click on the ‘CONFIRM’ button.
After that power off the smartphone.After that press the power button,volume button and home button at a moment.After that press on the volume up button to enter to the download mode.After that downloading of recovering package and device will be started.If you completed all these steps,your Android smartphone will be unlocked.Any of your datas will not lost while you unlock an Android smartphone with the help of this software.

I am sure that this is a very useful one for all smartphone users.Don’t use this software for unlocking a smartphone without the permission of the owner.So anyway,if you want to unlock your ios/Android smartphones,i recommend you to use this software.

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