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have you heard about live chat.lets introduce a live application that uses live chat.this live chat application specializes
Best Live Video Talking & Chatting App with Strangers – Make Girl & Boy Friends Online by connecting to strangers !
Live Chat is a free online one to one video chatting and calling app that connects you with other people online looking for live video chat.

The Live Video Chat application is available for real time live video chatting. Through this live video chatting app, you can make friends online that can be of same gender or from opposite. Here is how to use it:
With Live Chat, you can have video chat with millions of people and have live talk with talented or humorous people from different countries at any time. Compared to other online random video chat apps, Live Chat has a great number of interesting features more than just video chat.
The app will instantly look for online girls and boys for live video chatting and you will be connected. 
Note – The Application is strictly for making friends online via video chatting. Any kind of abusive and immoral behavior will get your Id permanently banned from the app.
Note both these things, otherwise you will be more difficult to use this chat app
1-Nudity is strictly prohibited. Any person promoting or doing nude acts will be banned.2- No racist or discriminatory language will be tolerated.
If you like this application, click on the link below and download the app.After clicking, Google Play Store will be available, and then click Install.You can use it after installing.The link will be downloaded from the Android phone.We will later introduce an application that can be used in the iPhone.The information about this application is available from Google PlayStore so it is a very good application.