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The application I am introducing to you is a tracking application.  An app that can track calls and sms on a mobile phone.  I have introduced an application to you before.  This app is another such app.  Below is the link to download this app.  Once you click on the link, you can download this app for free.

Message and Call Tracker app shows notification whenever it runs in the background or when any data is being sent over the network. These notifications are not optional and cannot be disabled. Due to updated Google Policy, the app doesn’t read SMS anymore. It just reads and saves Whats App messages (text only) and calls.
Use Сall and Message Tracker application to keep track of the calls and messages on your mobile. Track all the calls made or received and also all the Messages received. To see the records, you have to launch the application and click on “View” buttons or visit our website and pull the records from your device.
Using this mobile phone tracker, we can track anyone’s calls and sms from anywhere with our mobile phone.Hey, this is a very useful application for anyone. It has very low internet usage.In addition the problem with using other applications is that you may occasionally find ads difficult to use and do not cause such a problem.Once you have clicked the download now button, you can download this app. It is a setup file.Install that setup file on your mobile phone. Once installed and opened, anyone can start using this app very simple.
Only a small part of this application can be installed once you have installed this download now.  Or Call .SMS .Live Location Only you can use if you download through this download link.  If you want to track other things on your mobile phone then you can only use this app if you bought it in cash.Using this app is pretty simple. 

After installing the app, login to your Gmail ID in the Login section.  Then set your password.  Then you can access the homepage of this application by clicking the Login button.  Just click on the heiken free pon phi button below and you will be able to hide this app from your mobile phone.  All you have to do is send this email to the location and your call details SMS from where you can open your Gmail ID.

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