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How to make trending whatsapp status video

Today i would like to introduce a website for you.This website is a very useful one for all people who use social media applications in their smartphone.Now a days,majority of the people use whatsapp,facebook,instagram and other social media applications in their smartphone.So when we use whatsapp,f facebook and instagram,it provide an attractive status features for the users.
So the whatsapp,facebook and Instagram users always upload many different types of videos,photos and texts as their status.When we upload a status,we must care to select the best videos and photos.Then only it will attract the people.So if you want to get attractive status videos,this website will help you.The name of this website is ‘KING VIDEO STATUS’.Throgh this website you will get all types of status videos for what,facebook nad instagram.
After open this website you can able to see many categories like latest 2019,funny videos,valentines day,full screen,b bollywood,inspirational,funny status,devotional status,emotional sad,DJ EDM and birthday wish statuses.In short we can able to say that this application contain all types of status videos for you.This application also contain many languages like hindi,tamil,gujarati,punjabi e.t.c.So you can able to select the videos in these languages.
If you want to download the status videos from this website,select any video from your favorite category and click on the ‘DOWNLOAD’ button.At that time the status video will be to download.
So these are the attractive features of this website.If you want to get attractive statuses for whatsapp,facebook and Instagram,i recommend you to visit this website.

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