Hi Friends Most of us are familiar with social media such as Facebook WhatsApp that introduces you as a good application.This is why we use this application.Two apps, Facebook and WhatsApp, will be visible to others when we last visited online.Similarly, when someone sends us a message, it is easy to find out if the message is taken.For example, in Watsap we sent a message and sent the message to my the other two blue color TickCan see.

The same way that Facebook has adopted,
No Last Seen & Unseen For Whatsapp is the best blue tick hider and read sign hider for all the use who want to show offline status and read messages without appearing online or leaving blue double tick. Now download this latest hidden chat app with no read sign, blue tick unseen and read friends messages without leaving any last seen or blue tick notice.   is that we know from our phone that our message has been done to others.The application feature is that we can not understand whether we read or not the message we have read.Below is the application that lets us chat with another person by hiding in short.This app can not be reached if you go to the Google Play Store and we have given you a link below this post. Once you click on that link, you can use this application freely. once you can install this application u can use
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The Uniqueness Of This Application,
No Last Seen & Unseen For Whatsapp is a small and amazing tool app to hide last seen and messages seen status. With this no last seen hidden chat user can read incoming messages without sending read sign, blue tick and online status. With this secret app user can hide himself from friends. User can read messages without showing online status. Read messages offline and offline chat is the best solution for users who want to hide last seen, read sign etc. 

With this offline chat for WhatsApp user don’t need to go offline or remove internet connection while chatting with friends to show offline. This hidden chat and last seen app will hide your last seen, hide online status, read messages offline and a mask chat app.
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