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Why Choose a Career at HCA?

In a word, diversity. Diversity in your settings, in your potential and in your teammates. HCA offers the widest variety of clinical and non-clinical settings to work in. Whether it’s a research hospital equipped with the latest technology,

clinical trials testing groundbreaking medical procedures or a small-town setting that combines clinical excellence with the intimacy of a community hospital, hca latest job vacancies you’ll find what you are looking for in a career at HCA.

The hca latest job vacancies network includes more than 300 affiliate hospitals, outpatient centers and business offices across the country, offering you the opportunity for travel and relocation. Whatever your career goal in healthcare, HCA can help you achieve it.

Everyone Impacts Patient Care

An HCA employee’s day is filled with meetings and deliverables, with aims toward improving efficiencies and finding ways to invest in the communities where we do business and have hospitals. The list of stories is long when seemingly ordinary tasks have a life-changing impact. A Technical Analyst locates a charger for an ED patient’s mobile phone so next of kin can be contacted; a Nurse finding ways to make a procedure or hallway safer; a Physician Support Coordinator teaching a doctor who wouldn’t touch the computer on her desk six months ago to order prescriptions from her handheld device.

Throughout HCA’s 47-year history a widely held belief among its founders, leaders, and each of its 200,000+ employees is that every one of us impacts patient care, the quality delivery of which is our hallmark. Whether one reports to work in Internal Audit, IT&S Service Management & Delivery group, Clinical Services, Document Management Services, or if he wears a headset in HCA’s hrAnswers call center, we all play a part in putting patients first and caring for and improving human life.

Behavioral & Social Work145   VIEW ALL POSITIONS
Case Management166 VIEW ALL POSITIONS
Nursing – Professional5054 VIEW ALL POSITIONS
Nursing Mgmt & Admin191 VIEW ALL POSITIONS
Nursing Support1307 VIEW ALL POSITIONS
Therapy & Rehabilitation431 VIEW ALL POSITIONS
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